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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Flickr addiction

You think I'm talking about my Flickr addiction, don't you? Oh no. It's Maxine. Not only does she like to spend a lot of time searching for tags (kitten, family, puppy are a few of the searches she's done), and when she finds great shots, she figured out how to leave comments (I'll look at "Comments You've Made" and find the one-word "CUTE!" and know she's been busy) ... if only that were it.

Now she's become the artistic director for the family. She tells me what pictures to take and what to name and caption them. "Take a picture of this and say 'I can't do this.'" as she rolls her tongue over. "Take a picture of ketchup and label it 'Let's catch up.'" (Remember, she's just 7!)

By the time this girl turns 8 I'm going to have to get her her very own Pro account so she can just do it all on her own!

Coming soon: Observations from my first "family" trip to Las Vegas!

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