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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jump start my brain

It looks like it will be another week or so before I finally start to get a handle on the new school-school-school (that's Max, Mad and me) routine. This week is off because Madi only goes three days (half day K, plus a different schedule for assessments!), Max gets out early and I'm on a normal schedule. Next week we have Labor Day off, and I'm on a different schedule because of Labor Day. Things might get normal the week after that. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, this morning I couldn't find my keys (since located at mother-in-law's house) nor could I find my phone (it's probably SOMEWHERE just vibrating away to tell me I missed a call ... that call was me trying to find my phone - unless, of course, I actually turned it off before I misplaced it).

I think the details are getting a little overlooked since my head is full of new (and new adjusted) schedules. I'm just afraid I'll finally have the new routines in order just about the time that we go onto winter break.

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