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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rated G?

As a last hurrah of summer, I took the girls to see "March of the Penguins" today. Nothing like a film about frigid Antarctica to send off summer. It had a G-rating, so I felt confident. But in the first 60 seconds they're talking sex (scientific term = mating). And penguin love. (After our little sex talk last week, I'm trying to avoid the subject be it between penguins or people. And God help me if she should bring it up between penguins AND people.)

Later came the death and the violence. (Oh, did I forget to mention SPOILER ALERT?) Animated violence (at least the kind my girls watch) doesn't seem so bad when you watch a real mommy penguin get gobbled up by a seal. That seal not only killed the mommy, the baby will die too because mom's not coming back with dinner now. And the penguins haven't figured out the whole "it takes a village" approach to child-rearing yet. Really put a damper on my "save the seals" attitude. Who's out there picketing for the penguins?

Then came a big ol', nasty-looking bird that went picking on the babies. He nipped and nipped until he finally got his beak around one baby's neck. Off he went with a cute, cuddly, fuzzy dinner. Bastard.

And the eggs that didn't make a successful transfer from mom to dad. Crack. The dad who just "fell asleep" because he couldn't take the cold. And don't forget a few more gratuitous frozen baby shots thrown in for good measure.

Great film, but this might be the most sexed up and death-riddled G-rated film I've ever seen.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

When I was four or so my parents took me to see a Saturday matinee featuring the Pied Piper. Classic kid stuff, right? Unreal. Dirty rats crawling through empty skulls and disease and pestilence everywhere. It was like a horror movie with a cheerful narrator and I had nightmares for weeks.

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