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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome to my mid-life crisis.

Classes started this week. You might have seen the list that comes out every year. It helps us old people understand the mindset of the incoming freshmen. Well here's one I wasn't ready for. Had a student in my weekend class. Saw her again in Tuesday afternoon's class at which point she informed me she was also taking Wednesday afternoon's class from me. Happens quite frequently given the classes that I teach.

What doesn't happen all that frequently is what she said next, "You'll be like my second mom."

I KNOW she had good intentions, but I'm guessing she's 20 or 21 and, as you know if you look to the left where my profile is, I'm 35. While physically it's possible, I'm kinda horrified to think that students in my class see me as a motherly figure. Exactly what kind of vibe am I giving off from the front of the room?

And once I started thinking about it, as each year goes by it's more and more possible/probably that I could be the same age as their mothers.

Can someone please tell me how this happened?!?

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

Don't run away, come embrace the Dark Side!! Allow your inner "Ma'am" to come out and start longing for an AARP discount card. I did it! I saw the light and the end of the tunnel and went running toward it. Now thousands of young hooligans call me "sir" and I have come to terms with my dotage.

New students are arriving so I'm getting ready to offer them a tour of my office to show off my Apple //e computer and my original Devo vinyl LPs!

8:41 AM 
Commented by Blogger Kami:

Yeah... I used to have guys come up to me and say, "Hey, did I see you at Paradox on Saturday night?" Now, it's, "Hey! Do you sub at Bowie High?" Great.

8:32 PM 

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