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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm sorry

Dear little blog o' mine,
I knew this would happen. We had such a lovely summer together. Long periods of thought and regular updates. But here we are back in fall, and I'm just not giving you the attention that I used to. It's not that I don't love you anymore little blog. It's just that all the other demands on my life are so great right now, there are some days I can barely find the time to eat.

I promise, when my grading is caught up, and the Girl Scout nut sales are over, and soccer is over, and ... well, then there's Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Perhaps in January we can continue where we left off. No, little blog, I'm not giving up on us - I still have plenty of thoughts I'd like to record with you. It's just ... it's just.

Oh, this isn't a good-bye ... or even a hiatus. It's just reality. Thanks for being there for me when I need you dear blog. Thanks for standing by, ready for me whenver I have the chance for you.

I promise, you're not out of my thoughts dear blog.


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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The young face of addiction

We met some family members last weekend - cousins and second cousins and cousins once removed. That in itself is a long story, and I might share it once I figure it out myself.

The cousin had a 2-month-old baby girl. A-dor-able. They were talking about photos and Web sites and, you know, the tools of the technology enabled parents of today's generation. When Maxine chimes in. "Have you heard of Flickr?" a little flicker in her own eyes. She was thrilled that they hadn't because she got to tell them about the wonder of Flickr.

To me, she made sense. But I'm afraid she lost these other tech-savvy parents. "Oh! You get to put your photos on the Internet. And you get to look at groups and they have tags, so you can look at kittens and puppies and babies. And you can leave comments like 'I like your puppy.'" She went on for a good few minutes before the new mom made her escape.

Is it wrong to be so proud of my daughter's addiction?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Buzz killer

So there I was. Some of my favorite CDs on random and loud (I do believe a favorite Lyle Lovett song was playing at the moment). A breakfast burrito (or in my case the burrito that will keep me full until dinnertime) in my hand. I couldn't help but giggle at the car next to me: EVERY single magnetic ribbon ever made adorned the side. If you saw the guy driving the car, you too would have thought they were placed with irony rather than sincerity.

For someone who was on her way to work, it was a rather blissful moment at a red light.

The car in front of me inched forward. I too moved forward a bit. That's when the car behind me squeezed by (I was in the left lane, to the left of which is a turn lane, because of where I was sitting no one could get by), blaring on his horn and giving me the finger. Seriously, is this a fingerable offense? It's not like there was one or two car lengths in front of me, there was the amount of space my Daddy always taught me to leave - enough to be able to get out in case of trouble. When I passed angry dude as he waited for the light, he was reaching across and rolling down his window to apparently yell and scream and finger me some more. Asshole.

Here's my theory. Since it was the stroke of 8 a.m. I think asshole was late for work and had to take it out on someone. Just think, asshole might have a wife and kids at home. Lucky them.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jump start my brain

Telephone conversations with my husband all-too-often go like this:

Me: beep beep beep-beep beep beep beep (that's the sound effects of dialing)

Him: Hi.

Me: Hi. You outta work yet?

Him: Not yet.

Me: (stumped by the apparent brain energy that it took to dial and shocked that he's still at work) What was I calling to tell you?

Him: ??? (probably wondering who the insane woman is on the other end of the line)

Me: Oh, forget it I can't remember, I'll talk to you later.

Him: OK, bye.

Me: Oh wait! I remember now! Blah blah blah blah ....

Seriously, the fragility of my brain is so great at this point that I cannot dial a phone number that's so deeply ingrained in my brain I sometime dial it when I'm trying to dial other numbers that start with 66- and keep track of one question.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Unbelievably proud

The girls' school is raising money for hurricane relief. They asked that each child bring $1, which would make the school's contribution over $500. Yesterday when we were talking about it, Maxine said, "I want to give $5. And I want to use my OWN money."

She's been saving her money for about a year now. She's enjoying thinking of the things she might be saving for, but she's not yet set a goal on the amount or exactly what she might want.

When she said she wants to use her own money for this, I was proud. And I was tickled when she said, "FINALLY, I get to spend some of my money."

I offered to match her $5 with five of my own. She declined. But I'm wondering, how do you reward behavior like this? Take her out for ice cream? Or do I just acknowledge it and let her realize the real reward is knowing that somehow she made a difference?

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer's end

For some unknown reason, I decided to grab Labor Day weekend by the cajones and squeeze with all my might.

It might be this way everywhere, but around here Labor Day weekend packs a big punch. Hot air balloon festival (go here for photos) and a great arts festival. Added to the mix was the fact that the summer guest at our local zoo, the white lion, was in his last weekend and we had a full schedule. It turned out even crazier than I planned.

Friday night was dinner downtown and playing in the fountain. Saturday morning we headed downtown to the park where the balloons would take off by 6:55 a.m. Then the girls had to sell their Entertainment Coupon books for the school fundraiser. Saturday night was friends and family over for a BBQ. Everyone left by 9 p.m., but it felt more like 11 p.m. I was so beat.

Sunday we went to the arts fest and fell for a yard sculpture. Didn't want to get it just then, so we headed to the zoo to say bye to White Lion. Then we ran to Target (it's just not a weekend without a Target stop, now is it?) and the pet store and a garden shop. Next stop was crashing on the couch after eating some leftovers from the night before. Woke up and realized we just had to get that sculpture. So we went back and picked one. Night ended with shots in the basketball hoop until dark.

Monday morning was the last morning for the balloons, and we decided to be balloon chasers. We woke up to see them take off on the horizon and off we went. We made it in time to see half of the balloons launch (over the lake, which made for some fantastic shots!). Got a $60 parking ticket when I SWEAR the No Parking sign was on the other side of the street, not ours. (Brent got it reduced to $25 today, but that still sucks). Followed the balloons to where they come down, which is in my mom's neighborhood. Got breakfast at her house. Went home with the intentions of pulling off a whole weekend's worth of cleaning in half a day. Got a call to have lunch at my mother-in-law's, so off we went. 4 p.m. we went to some friends for a fabulous BBQ. It was billed as an early dinner, so I really thought we'd be home by 6 or so. Didn't roll in until nearly 8 p.m. But we had a blast, learned a new game (Pit!), at one point had six adults playing chase through the house with the six kids (three 2nd graders and three kindergarteners).

I am just beat today. But since I didn't have to teach this evening, went to soccer practice where I got to "meet" Maxine's new team. Let me just say, first impressions weren't all that warm. This is an established team that took Max and one other teammate from their disbanded team. I understand how established relationships are often tight or closed, but my daughter will be playing with theirs for the next two months, and it wasn't until the last 15 minutes of the 1.5 hour practice that ANYONE even said hello or introduced themselves.

I'm wiped out. It's time for bed before class tomorrow morning.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hey AP!

Just was looking over the headlines from the Associated Press.

Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans. A legitimate NEWS story.

Harry Connick Jr. says the city will rebuild. In my opinion, borderline news, but OK sure.

Britney Spears prays for the victims of the hurricane. EXCUSE ME? I'm guessing that there are a lot of other celebs who have added the victims to their prayers, why not include them? Oh, BS posted something on her Web site and is from somewhere in the south. Now, I see.

AP, I thought better of you. I didn't think you'd waste precious bandwidth with a three-paragraph piece of trash.

In the meantime, I think it's safe to say we are all praying for the victims of the hurricane and hoping for quick reunions for the family members who have lost touch with their kin in the area.

After this tragedy, I'm reconsidering my media consumption. The coverage I watched almost had me forgetting that though the eye moved to the east of New Orleans, there would still be OTHERS impacted by the severity of the storm as it shifted. And the media had me breathing a big sigh of relief earlier this week as the storm didn't have the initial impact they thought. But then the flooding happened and now chaos. Someone forget to warn about that part. I'm still suffering a bit of shock at the enormity of this. I will make my donation to the American Red Cross, but still I feel the need to do more than just give money.

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