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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hey AP!

Just was looking over the headlines from the Associated Press.

Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans. A legitimate NEWS story.

Harry Connick Jr. says the city will rebuild. In my opinion, borderline news, but OK sure.

Britney Spears prays for the victims of the hurricane. EXCUSE ME? I'm guessing that there are a lot of other celebs who have added the victims to their prayers, why not include them? Oh, BS posted something on her Web site and is from somewhere in the south. Now, I see.

AP, I thought better of you. I didn't think you'd waste precious bandwidth with a three-paragraph piece of trash.

In the meantime, I think it's safe to say we are all praying for the victims of the hurricane and hoping for quick reunions for the family members who have lost touch with their kin in the area.

After this tragedy, I'm reconsidering my media consumption. The coverage I watched almost had me forgetting that though the eye moved to the east of New Orleans, there would still be OTHERS impacted by the severity of the storm as it shifted. And the media had me breathing a big sigh of relief earlier this week as the storm didn't have the initial impact they thought. But then the flooding happened and now chaos. Someone forget to warn about that part. I'm still suffering a bit of shock at the enormity of this. I will make my donation to the American Red Cross, but still I feel the need to do more than just give money.

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Commented by Blogger Monkey:

Yeah! I'm kind of dismayed by the coverage, too. Biloxi is a lot worse off than New Orleans, but because the drama is in NO, that's where the coverage is.

I'd rather know about ways to help than to watch the fasicnation with looting.

12:20 PM 

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