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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer's end

For some unknown reason, I decided to grab Labor Day weekend by the cajones and squeeze with all my might.

It might be this way everywhere, but around here Labor Day weekend packs a big punch. Hot air balloon festival (go here for photos) and a great arts festival. Added to the mix was the fact that the summer guest at our local zoo, the white lion, was in his last weekend and we had a full schedule. It turned out even crazier than I planned.

Friday night was dinner downtown and playing in the fountain. Saturday morning we headed downtown to the park where the balloons would take off by 6:55 a.m. Then the girls had to sell their Entertainment Coupon books for the school fundraiser. Saturday night was friends and family over for a BBQ. Everyone left by 9 p.m., but it felt more like 11 p.m. I was so beat.

Sunday we went to the arts fest and fell for a yard sculpture. Didn't want to get it just then, so we headed to the zoo to say bye to White Lion. Then we ran to Target (it's just not a weekend without a Target stop, now is it?) and the pet store and a garden shop. Next stop was crashing on the couch after eating some leftovers from the night before. Woke up and realized we just had to get that sculpture. So we went back and picked one. Night ended with shots in the basketball hoop until dark.

Monday morning was the last morning for the balloons, and we decided to be balloon chasers. We woke up to see them take off on the horizon and off we went. We made it in time to see half of the balloons launch (over the lake, which made for some fantastic shots!). Got a $60 parking ticket when I SWEAR the No Parking sign was on the other side of the street, not ours. (Brent got it reduced to $25 today, but that still sucks). Followed the balloons to where they come down, which is in my mom's neighborhood. Got breakfast at her house. Went home with the intentions of pulling off a whole weekend's worth of cleaning in half a day. Got a call to have lunch at my mother-in-law's, so off we went. 4 p.m. we went to some friends for a fabulous BBQ. It was billed as an early dinner, so I really thought we'd be home by 6 or so. Didn't roll in until nearly 8 p.m. But we had a blast, learned a new game (Pit!), at one point had six adults playing chase through the house with the six kids (three 2nd graders and three kindergarteners).

I am just beat today. But since I didn't have to teach this evening, went to soccer practice where I got to "meet" Maxine's new team. Let me just say, first impressions weren't all that warm. This is an established team that took Max and one other teammate from their disbanded team. I understand how established relationships are often tight or closed, but my daughter will be playing with theirs for the next two months, and it wasn't until the last 15 minutes of the 1.5 hour practice that ANYONE even said hello or introduced themselves.

I'm wiped out. It's time for bed before class tomorrow morning.

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