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Friday, October 14, 2005


- Two very yummy things I discovered recently: cherry cordial Hershey's kisses (limited edition) and Turtle Chex Mix. Try them, I know you'll like them.

- I totally didn't realize that picking out a blond James Bond was such a big deal. Brent was the first one to complain (he wasn't even consoled by the idea of who might be future Bond babes, so I know this is serious), but now I see other news services making a big deal out of 007's hair color.

- What comes around, comes around again when you've got two kids. The mysterious high fever with few other symptoms returned to our house yesterday afternoon via Maxine. Of course it's on the day of the 2nd grade musical. We doped her up enough to get her through the songs (ending the program with "Teach Me Well" is just so manipulative, as though most of us could keep a dry eye through that one). She stayed home today and is on the same roller coaster that Madi was on a couple weeks ago: high fever, lethargy, Tylenol or Motrin, conquering the world, time passes and high fever returns. I'm just hoping this time it doesn't take as long to pass as it did last time. And I have to say it's better than the vomiting some friends of ours are passing through their household.

And tonight, I'll end on the vomiting note. May your days be vomit free.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


A bunch of random thoughts just to prove to you dear blog that I've been thinking about you.

Out of context: Leaving campus, girl and guy sitting in study-area window seat facing each other in deep conversation. She says, "Crazy Pagans ... hahahahaha". I sure wish I knew what the rest of that conversation was about. (Reminds me of the punchline to a former favorite joke: Silly rabbi, kicks are for trids.)

Overdone: What's with all the spam commenters lately? It's so darned disappointing to get that email that someone has commented on my blog only to find spam about their (horseracing, wendy's restaurant, fill in the blank) blog. Dear spammers, I haven't been writing enough to entertain my normal cadre of three readers lately, you're wasting your precious efforts on this place.

Snuggly: Right now is the time of the semester where I begin to question my logic of career choice. With writing assignments piled up to my ears, I crumble under the pressure of keeping up with the workload. I look at stay-at-home moms and turn green with envy. I want to be them, not me. I don't want to go teach, I don't want to read any more papers. I want to have a clean house. I want to relax. But if I must work, I know I've got the greatest job in the world. I really do enjoy my students and yesterday when it was snowy and cold and awful outside, I made hot chocolate from scratch and curled up with the girls under a blanket on the couch at 3:30 in the afternoon. While they warmed up and relaxed with some Disney Channel, I graded papers. How many jobs can you do while snuggled with your babies? And it's mid-term, so I've made it halfway through, only 8 more weeks to go.

Names: Recently came across a boy named Dakota, I've sinced blocked the names of his siblings, but I can't help but thinking it was Mississippi and Philadelphia because all three kids had geographic names. Some folks down the block have about 10 people living under their roof and every one of them starts with the letter J. I just love to figure out the patterns/connections people make in naming their children. Former neighbors had three girls and a boy. Mom's name ended with an a, all three girls ended with a's also. Dad started with Br, and so did the son.

Enough about all that. There's a pillow calling my name right now.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Taking it to extremes

Madison doesn't do anything half way. Take these recent examples as proof:

1. Last week her little soccer team, The Ladybugs, won their first game of the season. The score was 5-1, Madison did not score one of those goals. No, she scored FOUR of those goals. (As someone who possesses very little athletic talent, and what talent I did possess did not come naturally, it's pretty amazing to have a naturally talented offspring -- this is something I might never get used to, but will ALWAYS enjoy.)

2. This week she's sick. We're five days into it and she's still running fevers that are up in the 103-degree range. If only they were 100, or 101 fevers. But no, she has to have fevers that make me think that her little brain is frying as I sit and obsess over the numbers on our not-very-accurate thermometer. Yeah, I'm freaking out a little too. But it's Madison and it's all or nothing with this kid. (Don't worry, talked to the doctor and the local health line and we'll be going back to the doctor tomorrow for another appointment when they will tell me, "Keep her hydrated. Your co-pay is $25, thank you.")

To further illustrate these extremes, when the fevers break she's all energy and enthusiasm. On Friday she insisted on cleaning house when she was on an ibuprofen high (if only she had that inclination during her healthy times). She wants to play with friends, play soccer, go shopping at the place with the little carts -- and them WHAMO! fever returns and she's laid out.

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