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Monday, October 03, 2005

Taking it to extremes

Madison doesn't do anything half way. Take these recent examples as proof:

1. Last week her little soccer team, The Ladybugs, won their first game of the season. The score was 5-1, Madison did not score one of those goals. No, she scored FOUR of those goals. (As someone who possesses very little athletic talent, and what talent I did possess did not come naturally, it's pretty amazing to have a naturally talented offspring -- this is something I might never get used to, but will ALWAYS enjoy.)

2. This week she's sick. We're five days into it and she's still running fevers that are up in the 103-degree range. If only they were 100, or 101 fevers. But no, she has to have fevers that make me think that her little brain is frying as I sit and obsess over the numbers on our not-very-accurate thermometer. Yeah, I'm freaking out a little too. But it's Madison and it's all or nothing with this kid. (Don't worry, talked to the doctor and the local health line and we'll be going back to the doctor tomorrow for another appointment when they will tell me, "Keep her hydrated. Your co-pay is $25, thank you.")

To further illustrate these extremes, when the fevers break she's all energy and enthusiasm. On Friday she insisted on cleaning house when she was on an ibuprofen high (if only she had that inclination during her healthy times). She wants to play with friends, play soccer, go shopping at the place with the little carts -- and them WHAMO! fever returns and she's laid out.

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