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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Lean in for a sec. Look really, really close? Notice something (other than my third post in a single day)? Yes, it must be the word "IDIOT" or perhaps "GULLIBLE" printed across my forehead. I've had a couple weeks where I think my easy-going attitude with my students has lead to some taking complete advantage of me.

So, meet the new me:
Your ________ (fill in the blank) died? Bring me the death certificate.
Got in a car wreck? Where's the police report? Sick?
Better be able to afford to see a doctor, cause I need a doctor's note.

It's really too bad that a few can make me doubt the rest. And I'm so pissed right now I think I could SCREAM!

(Gosh, I almost feel better now.)

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Commented by Anonymous Hiya:

I don't blame you on that but I've had teachers/professors that thought I was faking it twice. The first time I was 16, had pneumonia, lost eight pounds when I was already a waif and almost ended up in the hospital. Second time I was 20, had mononucleosis and my Organic Chem instructor told me that she couldn't just let everyone who had problems have extra time (or whatever I was asking for) or she'd get run over. Maybe (okay, probably), but I was so sick my mom came 2,000 miles out to be with me, stayed at my on-campus apartment and carried my bags for me as I stumbled blindly to classes with a fever. It took me a year to recover from that and two to recover from what my illness did to my college schedule. I think you are absolutely right to be skeptical, but some folks do have trouble. You sound like you care enough to discern the difference.

10:40 PM 

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