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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Losing my ...

Apples! We bought these beautiful ornaments about a month ago. They're red, sparkly perfect apples. We got them for the girls teachers and now I cannot find them. I should not be allowed to shop early because I put things away only to find them in July. Though while I was looking for the apples I did find a couple birthday presents I bought months ago for my sister-in-law. Luckily her birthday is on Christmas, so I found them in time!

And apparently I'm losing my mind at night. Last night I had the weirdest dream/experience. I woke up (or I dreamt that I woke up, that I'm not so sure about). As I was laying there, I saw a rather large black spider go scurrying over the pillows and headboard. I jumped out of bed with a gasp.

I think I might have dreamed that spider - I HOPE I dreamed it. And I think I woke up as my feet hit the floor. Thinking back I was rather disoriented when I was standing there. And after a thorough check (OK, not so thorough 'cause I woke him up out of a deep sleep himself) Brent said, "No spiders." I couldn't shake those heebie jeebies and slept on the couch. And dream or not, I still have some serious heebie jeebies about my bed.

Oh, on the couch I dreamed in detail about the death penalty.

I think I need a vacation from work, news, magazines ... everything!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa saga sorta continued

Santa might not be long for our household. Yesterday Max had a friend over after school. This friend shared the fact that two other girls in class don't believe in Santa anymore. Their parents told them that parents give the presents. I gave my stock answer, "If you stop believing I bet he won't bring presents anymore." (Had a similar conversation about the tooth fairy one day not too long ago and my answer was the same then. What kills me is that Madison might not believe in the tooth fairy before she's even lost one tooth. Oh, the dangers of being the little sister.)

Max's friend had a plan (long-term thinker, this girl). She said, "Next year I'm going to tell my mom something totally different than I tell Santa, that way I'll know." Guess I better warn her mom right away.

That was the end of that. But I often think it will be easier once the cat's out of the bag, ya know? I think, why keep this up? Why do we insist on lying to our kids? Then I realize, it's about innocence. Once that myth is gone, so too is much of that sweet, innocent time when reindeer do fly and fat men fit down chimneys and leave presents. Believing in Santa makes the world a better place.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

You gotta believe

Marketing rule #1: Create demand. For example, when selling a relatively popular doll on eBay around the holidays use terminology like, "SOLD OUT IN STORES!!"

Now it seemed like a legit claim because I went to a couple online shops and sure 'nuf, they were out of stock. Thus my concern started to grow at 1 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

But today I braved a pre-Saturday crowd at Toys R Us. Walking in the door what should I see, but one lone Hide N Seek Haley doll on the front hodgepodge shelf. I grabbed that baby and jumped up and down (she's just $29.99 - for a grand savings of $22 from the cheapest eBay option!). I was a little worried because her "try me" button was not working. But I figured Santa was coming through and she could be a placeholder - we'd exchange her after the holidays.

After finding no less than three options of standing horses 2-3 feet tall, we decided to walk around the store a bit more. (Seriously, all the things I came to the store to find were within 20 feet of the door, how often does that happen?) Walking around I stumbled upon an entire display of Haleys, with blonde and brown hair. And their Try-It buttons worked! (For just a moment, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, there's about 20 dolls here, with a profit of $22 each, I could pay for Christmas with a little investment.")

Just goes to show you, if you believe in Santa then he is real.

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No, Madison, there is no Santa Claus

Here's how we handle Santa in this family. Every year the girls visit Santa and they ask for one thing, which Santa typically brings about a month later (yes, we're early adopters and we like to see Santa before the lines get too ridiculously long). We've had struggles (two years ago Maxine decided to tell Santa but not us ... eventually we got it out of her). But Santa always comes through. (I decided long ago that they get to ask for one thing and Santa brings that one thing, I want credit for the gifts under the tree, not some jolly ol' fat guy.)

A friend recently asked me, what if they ask for something ridiculously expensive?

It's all in the coaching. Santa has to get or make toys for every little (good) kid, so we can't ask for anything too outrageous.

This year Maxine asked for a 2-3 foot stuffed horse, not for riding, just to have. (Yes, what we need in this house is another stuffed animal.)

And I think we forgot to coach/coax Madison. When Santa asked her, at first she got shy and shrugged. (The parents in line behind us started yelling out suggestions just to keep things moving along.) Finally she said, "Hide N Seek Haley."

Somehow I've missed out on the Haley phenomenon, but if I'm to believe the 25 or so people selling both blonde and brunette Haleys on eBay, she's all sold out in stores.

So, I'm faced with the dilemma: Do I plunk down $40 to buy it now (plus $12 shipping) or do we save future years of heartbreak (and lose years of "Santa's watching") and just tell the truth!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random bits

Rather than try to put together one big coherent thought, I thought I'd finally update with bits and pieces.

Donut run: In PE the girls do what's called the pacer test. They stand on the line, wait for the beep and have to run to the other line before the beep (if you've done this you will know the operator sounding voice that explains the test and tells you when you've completed a level). First time around, Madison was one of the best in her class with a score of 22 (that's 22 back and forths before she didn't make it before the beep). She was very excited to do it again, and ended up with 19 (still near, if not at, the top of her class - she should enjoy this time when the boys are eating her dust!).

But she keeps cracking me up when she asks me, "Momma, how did I do on my pastry test?"

Competitive spark: Maxine is a loving, sweet child. But competitive? Not so much. She doesn't care if she plays much during her soccer games, as long as she's got friends sitting near her on the bench. She loves to be there because of her friends. So I was surprised when she recently showed a cutthroat mentality.

On her first "pastry" test, Max had a 15 (in the healthy range, she was quick to tell me). But when she knew it was coming up and found out that Madi got 19 on her second go 'round, Max decided she wanted to beat her sister. And wouldn't you know, she ended up with 25. I'm so darned proud that she set a (competitive) goal and met it.

The needy environment: Walking into the building that houses my office, a guy with a clipboard asked, "Do you have a minute for the environment?" I mumbled, "No sorry." But then I realized I should have said, "The environment will have to wait until after finals, buddy." And with that, this blog will have to wait until after finals. But then I will have four or five glorious weeks "off" and I will pour more energy into writing ... finally.

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