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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Losing my ...

Apples! We bought these beautiful ornaments about a month ago. They're red, sparkly perfect apples. We got them for the girls teachers and now I cannot find them. I should not be allowed to shop early because I put things away only to find them in July. Though while I was looking for the apples I did find a couple birthday presents I bought months ago for my sister-in-law. Luckily her birthday is on Christmas, so I found them in time!

And apparently I'm losing my mind at night. Last night I had the weirdest dream/experience. I woke up (or I dreamt that I woke up, that I'm not so sure about). As I was laying there, I saw a rather large black spider go scurrying over the pillows and headboard. I jumped out of bed with a gasp.

I think I might have dreamed that spider - I HOPE I dreamed it. And I think I woke up as my feet hit the floor. Thinking back I was rather disoriented when I was standing there. And after a thorough check (OK, not so thorough 'cause I woke him up out of a deep sleep himself) Brent said, "No spiders." I couldn't shake those heebie jeebies and slept on the couch. And dream or not, I still have some serious heebie jeebies about my bed.

Oh, on the couch I dreamed in detail about the death penalty.

I think I need a vacation from work, news, magazines ... everything!

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Commented by Blogger Kt:

Last week, the builder told me that roofers had found a funnel-web spider (big, black and deadly) living in the roof cavity above our (current) bedroom. I scoffed - of course - as Everybody Knows that funnel-webs prefer to live in the ground. I wasn't so cavalier the next day, when I came home to find he had removed all our cornices, leaving us exposed to all the creepy-crawlies in the roof.

I had lots of spider-y dreams that night. At least, I think they were dreams...

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