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Saturday, December 10, 2005

No, Madison, there is no Santa Claus

Here's how we handle Santa in this family. Every year the girls visit Santa and they ask for one thing, which Santa typically brings about a month later (yes, we're early adopters and we like to see Santa before the lines get too ridiculously long). We've had struggles (two years ago Maxine decided to tell Santa but not us ... eventually we got it out of her). But Santa always comes through. (I decided long ago that they get to ask for one thing and Santa brings that one thing, I want credit for the gifts under the tree, not some jolly ol' fat guy.)

A friend recently asked me, what if they ask for something ridiculously expensive?

It's all in the coaching. Santa has to get or make toys for every little (good) kid, so we can't ask for anything too outrageous.

This year Maxine asked for a 2-3 foot stuffed horse, not for riding, just to have. (Yes, what we need in this house is another stuffed animal.)

And I think we forgot to coach/coax Madison. When Santa asked her, at first she got shy and shrugged. (The parents in line behind us started yelling out suggestions just to keep things moving along.) Finally she said, "Hide N Seek Haley."

Somehow I've missed out on the Haley phenomenon, but if I'm to believe the 25 or so people selling both blonde and brunette Haleys on eBay, she's all sold out in stores.

So, I'm faced with the dilemma: Do I plunk down $40 to buy it now (plus $12 shipping) or do we save future years of heartbreak (and lose years of "Santa's watching") and just tell the truth!

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