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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random bits

Rather than try to put together one big coherent thought, I thought I'd finally update with bits and pieces.

Donut run: In PE the girls do what's called the pacer test. They stand on the line, wait for the beep and have to run to the other line before the beep (if you've done this you will know the operator sounding voice that explains the test and tells you when you've completed a level). First time around, Madison was one of the best in her class with a score of 22 (that's 22 back and forths before she didn't make it before the beep). She was very excited to do it again, and ended up with 19 (still near, if not at, the top of her class - she should enjoy this time when the boys are eating her dust!).

But she keeps cracking me up when she asks me, "Momma, how did I do on my pastry test?"

Competitive spark: Maxine is a loving, sweet child. But competitive? Not so much. She doesn't care if she plays much during her soccer games, as long as she's got friends sitting near her on the bench. She loves to be there because of her friends. So I was surprised when she recently showed a cutthroat mentality.

On her first "pastry" test, Max had a 15 (in the healthy range, she was quick to tell me). But when she knew it was coming up and found out that Madi got 19 on her second go 'round, Max decided she wanted to beat her sister. And wouldn't you know, she ended up with 25. I'm so darned proud that she set a (competitive) goal and met it.

The needy environment: Walking into the building that houses my office, a guy with a clipboard asked, "Do you have a minute for the environment?" I mumbled, "No sorry." But then I realized I should have said, "The environment will have to wait until after finals, buddy." And with that, this blog will have to wait until after finals. But then I will have four or five glorious weeks "off" and I will pour more energy into writing ... finally.

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