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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa saga sorta continued

Santa might not be long for our household. Yesterday Max had a friend over after school. This friend shared the fact that two other girls in class don't believe in Santa anymore. Their parents told them that parents give the presents. I gave my stock answer, "If you stop believing I bet he won't bring presents anymore." (Had a similar conversation about the tooth fairy one day not too long ago and my answer was the same then. What kills me is that Madison might not believe in the tooth fairy before she's even lost one tooth. Oh, the dangers of being the little sister.)

Max's friend had a plan (long-term thinker, this girl). She said, "Next year I'm going to tell my mom something totally different than I tell Santa, that way I'll know." Guess I better warn her mom right away.

That was the end of that. But I often think it will be easier once the cat's out of the bag, ya know? I think, why keep this up? Why do we insist on lying to our kids? Then I realize, it's about innocence. Once that myth is gone, so too is much of that sweet, innocent time when reindeer do fly and fat men fit down chimneys and leave presents. Believing in Santa makes the world a better place.

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Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

The only surefire way to prolong the Santa Magic is to take them to the man himself. Mall santa or to the North Pole in Woodland Park. I'm sure that Santa will make sure they both know he's as real as can be.

2:40 PM 
Commented by Anonymous bobochan:

I have a bunch of servers that I manage so I just created a Santa email address (e.g. and had my boys send Santa an email (which of course I responded to).

My five year old is puzzled why there are so many Santas at the stores, etc. but is convinced that the one he met at our local inn was the "real" Santa since he had a "real" beard, not a taped on one.

12:01 PM 

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