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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey, Howie Day!

I'm trying to instill my (wildly diverse) taste of music in the girls. So I plugged the iPod into the iCar player for our 30 minute drive to a friend's house. I'm lucky to live where very few places I need to go take 30 minutes, most rides are barely long enough to catch a few good songs. Listening to Howie Day's "Collide," he sings, "Don't stop here." To which Madison quickly replied, "Stop over there." I didn't hear the rest of the song from the laughter that ensued.

Meanwhile, my musical indoctrination seems to be working. Maxine claims her favorite song in the whole world - not just on mom's weird collection on the iPod - is The Clash's "Lost in the Supermarket." Yup, another proud moment of parenting.

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Hi Laura
I've stopped blogging, too.. but still visit our recipe site from time to time. Just wanted to say hi!

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